Why Warm Temperature Makes People Trust You

31 May

Gus Lubin| May 31, 2011, 2:19 PM

Warm temperature makes people more trusting. This is the general conclusion from a bunch of psychological studies compiled by the WSJ’s Jena Pincott.

For instance, in one study a woman carrying a coffee cup, a clipboard and two textooks rode an elevator with volunteers. During the elevator ride, she would casually ask the volunteer to hold her cup while she jotted down notes. Volunteers who were given a cup of hot coffee rated the woman as significantly warmer and friendlier, than those who were given a cup of cold coffee.

The connection between warmth and trust occurs in the brain’s insular cortex, which is stimulated by phsyical warmth and pleasure. This region of the brain also makes social decisions, like how much trust, empathy, guilt or shame to feel.

Image: George Eastman via Flickr

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