sébastien cluzel: culinary landscape / paysage culinaire

19 Jul

'culinary landscape / paysage culinaire' by sébastien cluzel images courtesy of sébastien cluzel / school of art and design in saint-etienne


sébastien cluzel, an industrial design student at the school of art and design in saint-etienne has created
‘culinary landscape / paysage culinaire’, a kitchen workstation that seeks to question and reinterpret our
interactions with food and its preparation.

organic in its approach, the table is composed of four critical zones, each generated from properties and
elements of the natural environment. drawing from the form and tactile qualities of a tree trunk,
the free-standing unit features a combination of wood and volcanic stone surfaces that respond to the
specific functions of each activity. open on all sides, the station aims to encourage a collaborative cooking
atmosphere where multiple users can easily access each zone.


formed stone and a flat plane replace the traditional stove, while a carved concrete sink provides areas for
washing and drainage.



integrated cutting boards, containers, herb pots and knife holders intend to maintain order in an environment
that can often become chaotic.






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