scoope design: elda chair

25 Jul

italian designers elda bellone and davide carbone have created ‘elda chair’, the first collaborative project
for their new studio scoope design. with a hinged construction, this object provides the versatile function
of a chair, stepladder or storage unit, configuring itself to the needs of the surrounding space. a magnetic
locking system holds the design in its desired position.

‘elda’ is manufactured with sustainable materials, from its wooden structure to the water-based paint finish.
a 100% wool felt hood, available in two colors, acts as an exchangeable accessory that also prevents
scratches when it is turned into its ladder mode.

this notion of transforming chairs, taking the seat and designing it to become an alternative piece of furniture is not new.
the concept of the chair becoming a step ladder was conceived as early as the 18th century.
for specific historical examples, see designboom’s article on the ‘library chair / step chair’ here.
you may also see an even broader scope of examples of chairs that alternatively adapt into writing surfaces, storage systems etc.
in designboom’s ‘tranformer chairs’ article.


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