eurobike award 2011

1 Sep

today, the 10 gold winners and 1 green award winner of the eurobike award 2011 have been announced.
in its seventh year, the award is organized by ifdesign and aims to provide retail trade, as well as every day consumers and bike enthusiasts,
with an endorsement of good bike design and related products that are available on the market.

hosted by the messe friedrichshafen, the winning products will be on show as part of the eurobike show
from august 31st to september 3rd, 2011. here is the line-up of this years winners:

the ‘gekko trike’ is a compact bike that combines efficient cycling in the aerodynamic and comfortable recumbent posture with a clear,
reduced design appearance. the ergonomic, breathable seat is integrated into the frame and can be folded forwards to save space.
due to its innovative frame structure, the gekko trike can be separated within 60 seconds to form a compact package for easy transport.
two front wheels allow for safe roadholding and excellent braking performance with curving streets. the frame made from AL7005,
offers a bike that is lightweight – 15,4kg, that has a high payload of up to a 150 kg gross weight. touring equipment and e-motor are available.
‘gekko trike’ is produced by german bike manufactured by HP velotechnik. designers involved are daniel pulvermüller, martin wöllner and paul J.W. hollants.

the new ‘worldtraveller 29’ is designed for any long distance bike traveller. extensive tests have shown that a touring bike based around a 29er
(29” rims) mountain bike has numerous advantages. larger, wider tires mean a more composed ride, longer ground contact patches and better traction.
they also roll over bumps or loose gravel more easily, and they are more comfortable. balanced geometry means that even fully loaded,
the ‘worldtraveller 29er’ remains responsive in many conditions. equipped with the sporty shimano SLX groupset, magura hs-11 hydraulic brakes,
40-spoke rear wheel and stable, integrated tubus rear rack, the bike s all set for extreme touring. the dutch bike manufacturer koga BV
produces this trekking bike. designers involved are martin schuttert, reina osinga and mark dorlandt.

the ‘haibike greed 29’ is a hardtail mountain bike that combines race technology with the ideology of 29ers.
the design gives the rider good control in manoeuvring the bike on aggressive roads. the ‘haibike greed 29’ offers a driving comfort
which is unknown for the high-end segment so far. the main development of the design was to put the established weight minimized greed chassis
on big wheels to make the 29er propulsion perceptible. the carbon frame bike is designed by haibike (karo bayer, felix puello, christian malik, jonathan sweet)
and produced by german manufacturer winora-staiger GmbH.

efficiency. evolved. weight, stiffness, strength, compliance and aerodynamics; these five factors are the cornerstones of cycling efficiency.
the ‘supersix evo is ult.’ is a roadbike which is the distilled sum of everything swiss cycling sports group has learned up to this point.

‘TDR fluxX’ is an eletric bike with a TDR engine gearbox unit built into the down side of the seat tube. it also features bike activation
and registration software. compared to its predecessor, this version of the bike features three new bike functions:
sensors which measure speed rotation torque, which has a simple to operate display, matching other components on the handlebar;
new electronic (auto) shifted harmony nuvinci hub; TDR econometer function for maximum range in which first tests indicate +70km.
‘TDR fluxX’ is designed and manufactured by dutch company theo de rooij bikes B.V.patent pending.

designed for every day use and leisure biking, ‘flyer cargo’ offers a number of loading options, permitting the rider to transport
significant amounts of cargo such as groceries or large bags. thanks to its patented ‘racktime’ quick release fastener,
the bike’s rear luggage rack can be removed in a few simple steps, while attachment points for luggage bags offer additional
transport possibilities. designed specifically for heavy loads, flyer cargo has a permitted total weight of 160 kg.
it is designed and manufactured by swiss company biketec AG.

designed and manufactured by german company JD europe components GmbH, this is a revolution in automatic shifting system,
specifically designed for tranzX PST energized e-bikes. a choice of either automatic or semi-automatic shift modes provides
a superior and effortless riding experience while improving electrical bikes’ energy efficiency. automatic gear transmission (AGT)
technology optimizes the power ratio, achieving higher throughput and greater range. integrated into the tranz PST drive system,
the computer-controlled system automatically changes gears at the right points to insure optimal power support.
AGT is compatible with coaster breaks.

the ‘michelin protek max’ is a puncture resistant intertube for one’s bike which has a compression reaction in the event of piercing
(the hole closes up naturally) whereas a classic innertube has an extension reaction (balloon effect). manufactured and designed
by michelin reifenwerke AG & co. KGaA, the tube’s self-plugging effect is increased by the built-in sealant which is added
during the production process. easy to fit, thanks to its square profile, the ‘protek max inner tube’ is naturally positioned in the
rim well and does not twist, unlike a completely tubular classic inner tube. ‘protek max’ needs to be inflated two times less often
than a classic michelin airstop.


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