nikole nelson: new balance experience store

7 Sep

images © jeff harris

new york based artist and designer nikole nelson collaborated with athletic apparel new balance’s retail design team
to conceive the ‘new balance experience store’ located in the flatiron district of new york city. brand derived sculptures
depicting the inception and evolution of the iconic series of products lines the interior. after witnessing the manufacture
of merchandise at the production plant, the artist repurposed raw materials found on dumpster dives to create art
evoking the process. the entry features a 13 foot tall installation comprised from parts of new balance shoes and
various apparatuses for the shoe construction. a hybrid of technical and organic, the focal sculpture features converging
angled boxes filled with depictions of individual moments in time throughout the brand’s history.

images © jeff harris

a glowing red wall in the rear of the space invites shoppers to delve into the store’s depths. layers were the key to the
authenticity of historical brick construction authenticity as mortar was custom tinted, thickly applied and strategically
scraped after drying. the edges of the bocks were chiseled to sculpt the desired movement of the 16 foot high installation.
metal columns were cleaned and restored to their original glory while the wood floor was stripped, stained and distressed
with a large company logo.


images © jeff harris

‘it comes back to the power of the experience and that is where this store more than succeeds. it is not enough to
design for
design sake alone – brands have a history, like living things and as consumers we want to be part of
that history. my passion
for design stems from the process of discovery; I learn a brand inside and out so that I
can design from within.’  – nikole nelson

images © jeff harris



One Response to “nikole nelson: new balance experience store”

  1. Nikole Nelson September 19, 2011 at 4:46 pm #

    I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for featuring my project on the New Balance Experience Store in Manhattan. Your article was fabulous and I really enjoyed the read. Thank you again and keep well!


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